What To Expect

Roles within a Harvest Crew

There are 3 main roles on a harvest crew, all of which are just as important to the operation as the other.

When you first arrive at the job, you will spend the first month being trained on equipment, go to safety meetings and undertake your ​commercial driver's license (CDL). It is during this time that you will be placed into a role depending on where the harvester feels you will be best placed. 

While we do try to place you within the desired roles (and most people do get their preferred role), it is important to be multi-skilled and happy to undertake other roles if you are unable to get your preferred role or when required to switch around occasionally.

Harvest in the USA is a very long season and even if you wanted to go on a combine, after several months you may be happy to jump in a truck or run the cart for a few days and swap around to get another outlook on the harvest and get the full picture.

Combine/Chopper Operator

Being a combine or chopper operator will involve day to day servicing of the machine, i.e. blowing down, greasing and adjusting chain and belt tension, reporting other possible bigger issues. 

You will be cutting a variety of crops so you will need to be able to set the machine to what your crew boss has asked, and in some instance you will need to be able to set the machine yourself once you have become used to the machine.

You'll need to be happy to road the machine with a 40/45ft header along roads either towing or still on the front of the machine and having some knowledge of GPS is highly useful.

You'll be expected to look after the machine as your own, such as keeping inside cab and windows clean, along with maintenance and general care.