Paplow Harvesting & Trucking

Paplow Harvesting & Trucking

Paplow Harvesting and Trucking is ran by Gary, and his son, Paul, along with Rhonada (Garry's Wife) and Christy (Paul's Wife). All together, the crew consists of around 18 people and are based out of Worthington, Minnesota. They start harvest in Wichita Falls, Texas, where they follow the wheat belt up to Montana. During fall harvest, they split the operation over South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa harvesting soybeans and corn. ​Paplow Harvesting and Trucking only works with the J1 visa.

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Machines & Equipment

Paplow Harvesting and Trucking run 8 new ​CaseIH 8250 combines with 45ft Macdon flex drapers, pick up heads, Shelbourne stripper heads and 12-16 row corn headers. They have ​6 Case Magnums tractors, ​6 Elmers and Brent grain carts, 2 of which have tracks, all have scales. ​​​Paplow Harvesting and Trucking have 10 Peterbilt trucks and 2 service trucks

Accommodation & Living Conditions

Paplow Harvesting and Trucking offers accommodation by means of 4 bunk houses. 

Food will be provided during harvest, with a pack lunch at midday, and a hot meal in the evenings made by ​Rhonada and Christy Paplow.