High Plains Harvesting

High Plains Harvesting

High Plains Harvesting is a crew we have worked with for a long time and is owned by ​Ryan & Laura Haffner. They begin harvest in Wichita Falls, Texas and work their way up to Montana. Once summer crops are done, they return to their home base in Park, Kansas, where they combine fall crops. High Plains Harvesting usually splits into 2, or even 3 crews at times, with each crew having a boss, with Ryan running between them all. We have several lads who go back year on year.

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Machines & Equipment

High Plains Harvesting run 6-8 John Deere s770 combines with 40ft  drapers, pick up heads, Shelbourne stripper heads and 12 row corn headers. They have 3 John Deere 8R tractors, ​​running either Brent or Unverferth grain carts. High Plains Harvesting also runs a mix of at least 8 of International and Frightliner trucks

Accommodation & Living Conditions

High Plains Harvesting offers accommodation by means of 4 bunk houses. 

Food will be provided during harvest, depending where the crew is, its a 50/50 mix of home cooked food or eating out.