July 2024

Mary and I just got back from the USA on the 22nd after spending 2 weeks visiting with the Ladies and Gents we have placed with Harvest crews, we managed to visit with most, sorry we could not get to the guys at Demaray in Arizona and those with OCF in Ohio.

We covered 2700 miles in 2 weeks driving through Colorado, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma and it was great to see everyone enjoying their time on the Great American Harvest.

We are pleased to be working with the Farmers Weekly this year, they are following our placements on 2 crews, and the article will be published around Christmas time.

Our Facebook page has daily updates as to what is happening with the crews we work with, so please watch this for updates.


Which we will be doing the first tours in 2025, there is a link in the menu for more info or go to www.harvestcruzholidays.com.

I have spend a little time getting a booking form done now for tours in 2025 and these are the proposed dates.

June 6th to 13th 2025 Wheat Harvest, Texas to Kansas

June 13th to 20th 2025 Wheat Harvest, Oklahoma to Kansas

September 5th to 12th Husker Harvest Days, Claas America and Case Grand Island combine works, Fall Harvest.

If you are interested, please email me at paul@harvestsupport-usa-uk.com and I can send you a booking form.

We were pleased to see a little article in Farmers Weekly about HarvestCruz Holidays on our return from the USA.


We have stopped taking on new crews and farms at this time as we wish to give those that we already work with the best possible service and be able to help them with their staff needs.



It seems this year the IRS are starting to get HOT on Foreign workers not paying Income tax, this has been brought to my attention from several guys placed on harvest crews who are now being asked to pay Income tax, which after research you are liable for.

The best I can advise is to make sure your employer deducts this from your pay at source.

You will be sent a W-2 form to submit to the IRS the following year.

If you work anything over 179 days you are liable for Income tax, you are not liable for Social Security or Medicare taxes.

Also, I advise NOT to pay what you could owe through the HMRC as this will not be past onto the IRS.

Please don’t let this put you off joining a US or Canadian Combine or Chopping crew, its an amazing experience and what you will gain from it will memories of a lifetime.


If your club would be interested I am more than happy to do this for a small fee to cover my fuel cost, the presentation last for around an hour with talking, pictures and film and I welcome questions throughout the presentation.