Greg Friesen Harvesting

Greg Friesen Harvesting

Greg Friesen Harvesting is owned by Greg and Sausha Friesen and are based in Inman, Kansas. They start cutting in Inman, Kansas and work their way up to the Panhandle of Texas harvesting a variety of crops such as grass, alfalfa, milo, sorghum and corn. They work very hard when they are chopping, but theres also plenty of downtime in which you get experience the American way of life, and get to do lots of exploration such as visiting the CaseIH combine factory. Greg Friesen Harvesting only works with H2A Visa's.

Machines & Equipment

Greg Friesen Harvesting runs 5 John Deere 9800i choppers, each brand new each year. They run multiple headers such as pickup headers, direct cut and corn headers. They work very closely with a truck company which does all the hauling of both silage and choppers so no CDL needed. The crew has 2 Ford F250 pickups to use for both work and downtime.

Accommodation & Living Conditions

Greg Friesen Harvesting provides accommodation with twin room hotels when out on the road. 

Food will be provided mainly eating at ​restaurants paid by the company but also either being cooked for, or cooking for yourself.