Demar​ay Harvesting & Trucking

Demaray Harvesting & Trucking 

Demaray Harvesting & Trucking is owned by Tim Demaray. They start harvest at Case Grande and ​they spend a considerable amount of time in Arizona at the start of the season cutting high yielding crops on flood irrigation. They then move onto fall crops in Arizona, as well as in North/South Dakota. Their home base is located in ​Casa Grande, Arizona. 

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Machines & Equipment

Demaray Harvesting & Trucking run between 18-24 new Case IH 8250 combines with 40ft drapers, pick up heads and 12 row corn headers. They have 7 new Case IH Magnum tractors, running both Brent Avalanche and Kinze grain carts. ​​Demaray Harvesting & Trucking have 21 trucks of various brands to keep the combines moving.

Accommodation & Living Conditions

Demaray Harvesting & Trucking offers accommodation by means of 7 bunk houses.
Food will be provided during harvest either from a crew cook, restaurants and cooking for yourself.