BT Harvesting

Credit to Amanda Buus Thomsen for many of the images -  Not for redistribution

About ​​BT Harvesting

BT Harvesting is a Husband and Wife operation, ​Anders is Danish and came over on the Ohio state program, met Amanda and the rest is history. They run a tight ship but with great equipment and a happy crew, based in Burlington, Oklahoma. They start summer harvest from Oklahoma/Texas boarder and work their way to North Dakota. Fall harvest starts in South Dakota, harvesting fall crops such as corn and beans before returning to Kansas/Oklahoma and get equipment cleaned up and returned to the dealership.

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Machines & Equipment

BT Harvesting run 3-4 new John Deere S770 combines with 40ft drapers, stripper heads and 12/18 row corn headers. They have two new John Deere 8R tractors, running a Brent Avalanche and Elmer's grain cart. ​​BT Harvesting have 6-7 Freightliner trucks, keeping the combines on the move.

Accommodation & Living Conditions

BT Harvesting offers accommodation by means of 2 bunk houses. 

Food will be provided during harvest, with a hot meal in the evenings usually made by Amanda. 

Both campers have a full kitchen for crew members to use to prepare breakfast & lunch and use on rainy or half days.