Agland Custom Harvesting

Agland Custom Harvesting

Agland Custom Harvesting is a new custom harvester (2022) which harvests from Vernon, Texas, up to the Canadian boarder in Montana. They then return to their home base in Paulina, Iowa where they combine fall crops in around Paulina, Iowa. They are looking to expand their harvest, including taking over a retiring custom harvester's run for 2023.

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Machines & Equipment

Agland Custom Harvesting runs 4 S770 John Deere combines with 40ft JD flex drapers, pick up heads and 12 row corn headers. They have 2 8R John Deere tractors, both running a Brent Avalanche grain cart each. Both the tractors and combines are replaced each year with brand new machines. Agland also have 9 Kenworth trucks, including the service truck which helps to keep the operation moving.

Accommodation & Living Conditions

Agland Custom Harvesting offers accommodation by means of a 3 man bunk house with laundry facilities. 

Food will be provided during harvest, with a pack lunch at midday, and a hot meal in the evenings.