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Harvest Support



We pride ourselves on a crew that care about what they do during the 7-9 months of harvest each season, We like to take on crew members that are 19 + years and preferably have some farming background with harvesting machinery and a class A CDL (this can be done when in the USA).

We may as well tell it how it is, the days can be very long and you could be working for several weeks at a time, BUT then you will get time when the crops or the weather are not cooperating and you will get time off, you also have to be comfortable living like a large family for the harvest months. most crews we work with have their own cook/cooks, but those that don't make sure you get time to eat each day, and laundry is also important on harvest and just about all the crews we work with have laundry equipment in the living accommodation.

We are Now taking applications for the 2021 Season. with interviews being conducted on December 5th of  2020 in the UK (We no longer come to Ireland due to costs, but interviews are not far from Stansted in England).  

 Crews start departing for harvest from March 2021

We don't charge fees to applicants




Application Form

You can download the Application Form in Excel format below.

Completed forms can be emailed back or posted. Details are included in the forms.

Can you also attach the following

1/ A passport size photo

2/ References from past or present employment,  These need to be written as employers in the USA    now have to keep this information on file if they ask you to work for them. 

3 A Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4/ Certificates of competence that may influence getting a job (photo copies are perfect)

Please also make sure that all phone numbers translate on the Excel form, we sometimes get them back and they are in code, also make sure emails are written clearly.