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Harvest Support


My name is Paul Hore and for the last 30 plus years I have been involved with Custom Harvesting in the USA in one form or another, this is something I feel that I have considerable knowledge about having done my first harvest in 1984 after watching the “World about Us” programme “Yellow Trail from Texas” in 1976.

I have worked several harvests since then with my last full harvest in 2001, and since then I’ve been back  every year at the start to train new guys on machines and get them settled into the harvest lifestyle. I spent my time working for Haynes Custom Harvesting and 11 years ago I was asked if I would recruit guys from the UK ,Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and parts of Europe to join them.

This has now grown to several harvesting company’s and farms asking me to recruit for them,


BT HARVESTING,                                          COMBINES (h2a visa)

HIGH PLAINS HARVESTING,                        COMBINES (h2a visa)


MIKE PARKER HARVESTING,                       COMBINES (h2a visa)


MJB HARVESTING,                                         COMBINES (h2a visa)

GOSSEN HARVESTING,                                 COMBINES (h2a visa)

BAUMGARDNER HARVESTING                     COMBINES (h2a visa)

SJS HARVESTING,                                           COMBINES (h2a visa)

LEO STEVENS HARVESTING,                         COMBINES (h2a visa)

JOHNSON HARVESTING,                                 COMBINES (j1 visa)


PAPLOW CUSTOM HARVESTING,                   COMBINES (j1 visa)


BRAY-DEN HARVESTING,            COMBINES (Canadian Based)   (h2a when in the USA)

HARRIS PASTORAL COMPANY,   COMBINES (Australia)               (Working holiday visa)

FISHER ALFALFA,                                               BALING / CATTLE (h2a visa)

JAY PROCTOR FARMS,                                      CHOPPING (h2a visa)

LODAHL FARMS,                                            MONTANA (h2a visa)

CIRCLE "C" FARMS,                                         KANSAS (h2a visa)

We also work with Shelbourn (the stripper header company) to place people with them for their harvest support on the US and Australian harvest.

So this website is intended to help you with the possibility’s of being able to work on the American Harvest.

I will work with you to get your Visa, Flights booked, Kit list, so you know what to take, Insurance etc and I’m always at the end of a phone or an email away if you need questions answered.

Paul Hore, founder Harvest Support