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Harvest Support


Working with Custom Harvesters in the USA and Canada to  Provide staff from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and some European Country's  that would like to fulfil that dream of spending a season or maybe more on a Harvesting crew working from Texas in the South going North to the Canadian boarder and in some cases into Canada.

Harvest-Support Usa Uk has been set up by Paul Hore who has spent  the  last 30+ years involved with the Great American Harvest.

Harvest Support Usa Uk is an Associate Member of  US Custom Harvesters Inc

UPDATE.... We could be your   "Gateway to the American Harvest"


March 19th  was a good day with guys starting to get interviews at the US embassy in London, we also have several guys going to the Embassy on 23rd and the 26th March, and booking now into Mid April for the London US Embassy, so things are starting to improve, we are also getting National Interest Exceptions attached to the H2A visa, this will allow the guys to fly direct to the USA within the next 30 days but they must have 2 clear Covid19 test's before they are allowed to fly. We also know that Belfast has also started issuing the H2A visa in the last week after conducting interviews, But we are still struggling with the Dublin Embassy to issue visa's to date.

We have places on over a dozen harvest crews, large farms looking to run Air Seeders and combines, plus custom baling crews in Kansas, and if your into livestock we do have some dairy operations looking for guys.

All these post would be 8-9 months, from April until November.  all board and lodging  would be part of the deal.

For more information on these jobs of a lifetime, Please email us or check out our face book page and contact us through that.

Mary and I would just remind everyone to keep safe, wash those hands, if you have a mask and disposable gloves use them every time you have to go out, this is the only way we are going to break Covid19.

Yours Sincerely

Paul & Mary Hore

Harvest Support Usa Uk