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Harvest Support


Working with Custom Harvesters in the USA and Canada to  Provide staff from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and some European Country's  that would like to fulfil that dream of spending a season or maybe more on a Harvesting crew working from Texas in the South going North to the Canadian boarder and in some cases into Canada.

Harvest-Support Usa Uk has been set up by Paul Hore who has spent  the  last 30+ years involved with the Great American Harvest.

UPDATE.... We could be your   "Gateway to the American Harvest"

Here we are, now into May, with Harvest starting in South Texas and parts of New Mexico, Just about all the guys for this season are now in the USA with just a few more to arrive in the next week or so.

Its been a challenging recruitment this season with more harvesters in the USA using our service, doing our best to find them great people to help them  bring harvest in,

Mary and I will be heading to the USA in June, as we do every year to make sure all the guys we send out and all the harvesters are happy with the service provided, we feel this is what makes Harvest Support Usa Uk stand out from other recruitment services.

We do have a few J1 & H2A visa opening for the fall harvest starting in September so if this interests you, Please get your application in.

 And we are taking applications for 2020 Harvest, so if your keen for this your more than welcome to also apply, just mark it 2020 season.